Be A Limitless Equestrian: Part One – Five Steps to Overcoming Limiting Beliefs

Laura King is the founder of Summit Dynamics, LLC and a certified Hypnotist (CHt), Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) practitioner, and Life and Sports Coach. She has helped thousands of people on their quest toward self-improvement, and is sought after by Olympic athletes, high-level CEO’s, award-winning trainers, public figures and prominent physicians, as well as the parents of young riders just starting out.

“Laura is the very best in the business,” says four-time Olympic Dressage Bronze medalist and coach of Canadian and U.S. Olympic teams, Robert Dover.

Don’t Hold Back

Being an accomplished equestrian, herself puts Laura strides ahead of other coaches, and helps her help others identify and address the kind of limiting beliefs that, despite hard work and dedication to their goals, may still be holding them back.

“A limiting belief is a state of mind, personal truth, or script you play over and over in your head that holds you back from living the life you deserve. It could be a belief about yourself (too old, too young, too fat or too thin), your relationship with others or money (it takes money to make money) or your place in the world,” Laura says. ” These thoughts, conscious or unconscious, keep you in your ‘comfort zone.’”

By using NLP and hypnosis to challenge such ways of thinking, life-limiting beliefs can be reprogrammed.

All it takes are five steps to rewrite your life’s script and become the limitless equestrian waiting inside.

In Part One of this two-part series, Laura explains the critical first steps to breaking free of limitations: Identify, Recognize, Challenge.


Limitless Equestrian

Everyone has to walk before they can canter, which can mean going all the way back to childhood to identify when and why someone’s youthful curiosity and courage were replaced with rules about what to say, how to behave, and what to do.

“Family beliefs, education and life experiences all have a hand in creating the limiting beliefs that keep you from attaining your full potential,” Laura says.

Which is why she created a Limiting Beliefs chart that helps illustrate the ways that beliefs can define how we think, influence how we act, and dictate how we perceive and respond to events in our life. Filters, her chart shows, can delete, distort, or generalize behavior.

The creator of the online course, The Power to Win, more than 150 self-hypnosis MP3’s, and author of the empowering guidebook, Perfect Enough, offers a profoundly simply yet powerful reassurance: “Everything is neutral until external events are filtered by your values, beliefs, language, memories, decisions and internal metaprograms.

“Those filters delete, distort and generalize reality. Your beliefs shape your reality, and these beliefs may not be based in fact.”

Life experiences can lead you to draw conclusions that later morph into limiting beliefs.

“It’s important to remember that the conclusions you come to after a bad experience are only temporarily valid,” Laura says. “Trying to permanently embrace such beliefs will only hold you back.”

“Now that you recognize some of your beliefs,” Laura says, “question them.”

Her coaching makes possible a deeper dive into how you came to believe what you believe, who (parents, teachers or other trainers) instilled those in you, and what might life look like if you were someone else, whose unlimited success you admired?

“Remember,” she says, “Everything is a state of consciousness and a choice. When you have a firm belief in your powers, abilities and capacities, and no longer fear being yourself or making mistakes, you have the capacity to change your life and reach your potential.”

Closer than you Think

The capacity to become a Limitless Equestrian is closer than you think. In Part Two of this series, Laura introduces readers further to two safe and effective tools for reprogramming limiting behavior — NLP and hypnosis — and reveals the “fastest way toward excellence.”

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